craft a custom scent

Whether you choose to pour a candle, a non-flame home fragrance option or a body product, you’ll find your perfect custom scent at Palmetto Scent Studio and have a ton of fun creating it!

in freshfields village (kiawah Island) AND downtown charleston!

To get started, simply start smelling! With over 120 fragrances, we know you’ll find more than a just a few you’ll love. Our friendly scent stylists will help you narrow down your list to a few scents that blend perfectly. Sit down at our fragrance bar, design your own label and mix your selected oils to create your unique custom scented home or body product. We offer a variety of container styles and sizes.

The process of smelling, selecting your scents, designing a label, and creating your custom-scented product takes about 30 minutes for most guests.

Candles and wax tarts take about 2 hours to cool before they are ready to take home. Most other products can be taken home immediately! While waiting for your candle or tart to cure, visit one of the many nearby restaurants, shops or do some sightseeing! We're happy to give recommendations on our favorites. You can always come back the following day to pick up as well!

To help with social distancing, we strongly encourage you to make reservations for the fragrance bar. Walk-ins are accepted as space permits. Reserving is easy! Just click on the button below to go to our online booking form.

helpful tips and answers to faqs
  • If you want to pour a candle or tart and pick it up the same day, please plan to visit the studio approximately 2-2.5 hours before closing time as candles take about 2 hours to cool before they are ready to take home. If you don't mind picking up your candle another day, then you are more than welcome to stop in anytime before close to pour.

  • If you plan to make candles/tarts and will be staying close by to enjoy the sights, shopping or a nearby restaurant/bar, we are happy to deliver them to you when they are cool!

  • Reed diffusers, room sprays, fragrance oils, car diffusers and body products can all be taken home immediately.

  • Our pour-your-own custom scented products range from $16 - $48.

  • We are dog friendly and welcome leashed pups!

  • You can bring your own beverages while you pour!

  • Pouring a candle is a fun activity for a group of friends or the family. Some families ask whether younger children can participate in this activity. Yes, they can as long as they can sit at a barstool by themselves, squirt fragrance oil from a bottle that is similar to a ketchup/mustard bottle, and stir wax and oil together that is about the temperature of hot dishwater. Younger children can be entertained in our seating area with crayons and coloring paper that we provide. We do not recommend holding children in your lap while you are seated at the fragrance bar.

  • Have other questions? Send us an email or give us a call!