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building your brand

Partner with us to develop custom scented products that promote your brand and bring your customers and clients back for the unique and memorable scents they can find only by doing business with you. 
wholesale & private label

We can help you:

  • Launch your own line of candles or other fragrance items to use as gifts or products for sale

  • Select containers and packaging that your clientele will love

  • Scent your entire business with flameless options

Corporate gifts and products need to embody your brand with style and professionalism. Whether they are presented individually or as part of a larger package, our products stand apart from other options because they carry YOUR brand identity. By creating a custom blend, you can set a mood for your guest or recipient. Use a signature scent to subtly remind people of their last visit with you and transform them into repeat customers.


We help:

  • Realtors make any space feel homey with the aromas of baked goods

  • Hospitality professionals and retailers craft a space and product that matches their particular brand and image

  • Spas create a sense of tranquility for their guests even after their visit

let's get started

Ready to explore custom scents for your brand? Give us call at 843.718.3414 or email us at to set up an initial meeting to discuss your needs and clientele. Our private label package includes:

  • Fragrance consultation and exploration - either at our studio or done remotely

  • Discussion of packaging options

  • Low minimums available

  • In-house custom printed labels (upgraded design and printing options available)

Contact us to set up an appointment to get started!

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