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Planning a holiday party, birthday celebration, bachelorette party, work outing or a girls' day out? Your group will have a unique, fun, and memorable experience at Palmetto Scent Studio!
How it Works

First, your group will explore our wall of 90+ true-to-scent candles, and make a list of favorite scents. Next, you’ll be invited to select from a range of products and containers, varying in size and style, or you can pre-select a jar/product for your group (prices range from $16-$52 depending on product/container and our kids' party packages have special pricing). Your group will then sit at the fragrance bar, where our staff will guide each person through selecting two or three scents that will blend perfectly to create a unique custom-scented blend. Each person will get to design a label, blend their fragrance oils, and pour a one-of-a-kind candle. For parties, we offer a custom-label option if you want your group to have a specially-printed label to commemorate the occasion.

Plan on about 45-60 minutes in-studio, depending on the size of your group. If you are making candles, they take ~3 hours to cool before they are ready to take home. This is a perfect opportunity to grab a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant or bar. You can swing back by the studio to pick up or one of our team members can deliver to your restaurant or hotel located within a few blocks. 


You also have the option of picking up your candles on another day.

In addition to candles, we have a variety of other home fragrance products as well as a new line of body products that can be custom-scented. There is "no waiting" on products other than candles and soy wax tarts, so these products can be taken with you immediately after making them at the fragrance bar. Check out all of our products!

Kids' Parties

We offer a fun, creative and educational activity for youth groups, school teams, Girl/Boy Scout troops and of course, your child's birthday! To keep things easy, we have two basic packages available for kids parties (minimum of 4 guests, 12 and under only please). As an alternative, our full range of studio choices are also available:

  1. Candles ($16/child): Includes crafting a custom label, blending 2 scents, and pouring into a 5 oz painted travel tin. Candles poured in these containers set up in 1 - 1-1/2 hrs, which is a perfect amount of time for the kids to have lunch or ice cream. They can always be picked up the next day as well.

  2. Aromatic Mists ($20/child): Use as a room/linen spray, body mist or both! Includes custom labels, blending 2 scents and pouring into a mister of their choice. These can be taken home right after blending!

FAQs for Parties & Groups
  • Pricing is dependent on the product and container you choose and ranges $16 - $52 with most products being less than $32. If you're paying for your group, you're more than welcome to pre-select a jar to keep within a budget. 

  • Your group can create products other than candles. We also offer reed diffusers, room/linen sprays, soy wax tarts, fragrance oils, car diffusers, sugar scrubs, body creams, body mists, foaming soaps, body washes & roll-on fragrances.

  • We can also accommodate private parties before and after our regular studio hours. Call us for details and let us help you plan your special event!

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