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Named after the greek goddess, Persephone, this fragrance is an intoxicating scent of pomegranate & citrus peels and subtle herbal florals. It blends wonderfully with fresh or woody scents like angel oak or sandalwood as well as cocktail scents like juniper (think gin) and champagne. In greek mythology, Persephone was taken to the underworld by Hades, who was enamored by her beauty and made her his wife. She was eventually freed by Zeus and her mother Demeter - goddess of harvest & agriculture, but only after she had eaten the seed of a pomegranate, which according to greek mythology, forever binds you to the underworld. So each year, Persephone's return to the earth signifies spring, rebirth and growth.

persephone's kiss

  • Single-scented products are available for exchange or return and a full refund 30 days from purchase.
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