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These fragrance bracelets are designed and handcrafted by our resident artist and are a beautiful way to wear a scent without applying it to your skin. Each bracelet is unique and features lava rocks that soak up your favorite oil. Each of our bracelets comes with a complimentary sample oil of your choice. Select from our collection of over 150 scents and write your choice in the comment section. 

NOTE: Bracelets are elasticized and are sized X-Small (6-6.5"); Small (7-7.5") and Medium (8-9") and are noted in the bracelet name/description.

fragrance bracelets

    • Place a couple of oil drops on each lava bead
    • Give the oil a chance to absorb into the beads by waiting a few minutes before wearing
    • Refresh bracelet every few days or as desired
    • To change fragrance, soak beads overnight in a mixture of 2 parts water & 1 part vinegar
    • Let bracelet dry before applying the new fragrance
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