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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is quickly approaching! On June 16th we’ll be appreciating all the fathers and father figures in our lives, and what better way to do that than bringing them to Palmetto Scent Studio or making a gift for them here! Sure, you could go the cliché route and buy your father a tie or a tool kit, but it’s time to go out with the old and in with the new. Good smelling things don’t need to be girly!

Men are unique creatures! Luckily for you, Palmetto Scent Studio offers an array of products that can fit any man's lifestyle. Whether he’s a guy on the go or a stay-at-home dad, we can help you with a gift that he’ll love. You can customize a scent, or bring your top-pop in so he can go on a scent-filled adventure with you. You can customize a scent, or bring your top-pop in so he can go on a scent-filled adventure with you.

On the other hand, if you just want to surprise your primo-poppa, here are some ideas if you aren’t quite sure of what to get:

Diffusers for his Office

Not all office spaces allow an open flame. So, if your father works in an office, check out our flameless fragrance options. A reed diffuser would be a great choice for the office space. They can last months by dispersing subtle amounts of scent. With the different choices of colors, the sleek design, and endless combinations of available scents, his office is sure to be the best smelling in the building while still looking sophisticated. We also have fragrance oil blends for oil diffusers (which we also carry) that can disperse a scented mist throughout his office.

Candles for his Kitchen

If your father takes pride in his culinary expertise, why not customize a candle that accentuates his love for cooking. With scents like bacon, bourbon, brown sugar, rosemary a variety of fruits, and even whipped cream and maple syrup, you’re sure to please everyone’s nose, including the chief-chef himself!

Car Diffusers (New!)

Sometimes jobs require a lot of time on the road. Nobody likes a stinky car and sometimes those evergreen-shaped air fresheners don’t do the trick. The studio’s newest product is a car fragrance diffuser. You can customize a scent that’ll remind him of home while he’s on the road and help cover up the smell of fast-food bags collecting in his back seat. If his chariot needs an extra boost of fragrance, a room and linen spray can also tackle the task!

Scents to Match his Lifestyle

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our outdoorsy guys! By mixing scents with rain, earth, on the green, and campfire you can bring the outside in. Maybe he is a little beachy, too. Sea breeze and ocean air are perfect for a beachy man. Whether you want to do that with a candle, room and linen spray, or even body mist is up to you!

If your dear-daddy joins you at the studio, he’ll enjoy exploring our fragrance wall with unique offerings like mug & brush, straight razor, and dad’s den to concoct a primo-paternal-potion. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, don’t worry though! We’ll be there to help you both.

Deliver great scent right to his doorstep

If you can’t spend the day with dad because he lives out of town then head to our website where all of our 120+ fragrances are available online in a candle, fragrance oil, reed diffuser, and wax tart on our website. You can even specify a custom blend for us to mix and send his way!

There is something for everyone at Palmetto Scent Studio, even your dad! Whatever is made here by you or your father will be made with love, and that’s what matters when it comes to appreciating our fathers.

Happy Father’s Day to Dad!  

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